What You Need To Know About Archery At The Olympics

What You Need to Know about Archery at The Olympics

Archery At The OlympicsArchery is not a very popular sport as there are not so many people taking part in this sport. You might see them in some movies with the setting in the medieval time but that it is. You hardly see any people hanging around with bows anymore.

In fact, the popularity of archery is also not common in Olympics. This sport is overshadowed by other interesting sports such as running or swimming.

However, in my opinion, archery can have its own hidden charm which is waiting for you to discover. And I assure you that once you learn the basics about the archery and what it in many competitions such as in the Olympics, you will like it more and more.

In this article, I will briefly introduce you about these events of Archery in the Olympics games so next time when you watch this sport, you will understand about it better.

First, here is the time line of the archery on the Olympic Games

time line of the archery on the Olympic Games

Archery was introduced in the Olympics Games in 1900 and has been on and off in this biggest sports event worldwide since then.

When it was first competed in the Paris Olympics Games 1990, athletes had 7 events in different distances to have medals from. Archery was not played in 1912 and from 1924 to 1964.

In 1972, for the first time in the history, archery was divided into 2 main categories including males’ and female’s individual. The events for team competition were only introduced in the Olympics 1988.

When this sport just appeared in the Olympics games, especially for the first 3 events, there are only American athletes competing against each other for hope of winning. Therefore, the rule and forms were pretty national and not yet standardized.

It was in the 1972 that the international forms and rules was applies, hence marking the birth of the modern archery and its international standardized rules as we know them today.

I hope that after reading my article, you will understand more about this sport and will have a lot of enjoyable time watching it now when you know more about it.

How Can Athletes Compete For A Spot To Take Part In Archery In the Olympic Game?

Unlike other individual sports such as running and tennis, spots for playing archery in the Olympics Games is not based solely on the individual’s performance but each spots will be allocated to different nations.

Let’s examine the case in more detail- for example in the Olympics Munich in 1972.

  • First of all, the nation who hosts the event in that year will earn 3 spots. So in 1972, Germany automatically had 3 spots for its athletes to compete in one event.
  • Next, the top 8 countries in the World Competition will gain 3 spots for each nation and then other spots will be allocated equally among the five continents. There are total 64 spots at the beginning of all of the archery individual events and there are 16 teams in the team events.
  • There are 4 categories in the archery sport in the Olympics Games, which are women and men individual and women and men team. All of these categories share the same slot allocation in archery for the Olympic Games.

Now, here is how a match in archery happens


  • In the first match, athletes will enter the elimination round. All of the 64 athletes will compete by shooting 72 rows. After all of the archers have finished their shots, scores will be calculated and the athletes with scores ranked form 33th to 63th will be eliminated.
  • After the first round, each athlete will compete against each other and who has a higher score will proceed to the next round.
  • Then another round will shorten down the number of archers to 8.  At this round, each archer will shot 12 arrows. The final winner who gets the gold medal needs to win the quarter final, semi final and of course the last medal match.
  • With team events, the score that the individuals get will also be added to the score of the team. Then the process of going forward as well as raking is as the same as in individual’s events.

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