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The Useful Tips When You Traveling In The Woods

Forest walks or hiking in the woods, where there are many complex terrains or difficult, the better-equipped boots will make you feel more comfortable journey. To learn more about hunting boots or you want to find best insulated rubber hunting boots, get more information by visiting this website. Besides, I’ll help you with the information and knowledge, tips for traveling in the woods, especially when you wearing boots walking in the woods.

When You Notice a Fire

When you see a fire, do not panic do the following things: Shouting “Fire! Fire! “To alert people to know or toot, beat gong …

  • Calling or running off alarm (if close) for Fire, Police, and Ambulance (remember when newspapers detailing: location, house number, street, ward, village, the nearest road to get there and characteristics of fires: large, small, chemicals, gasoline fires …)
  • While waiting for the fire brigade, everyone has to find ways to prevent, solution suitable means available, such as sand, water, wet blanket, fire extinguisher
  • Help people evacuate belongings and appointed people in so.
  • Stun furniture cleaner aisle of firefighters or fire trucks.
  • Help firefighters assisted by moving the faucet.

FightingWoods on Fire

  •     A fire needs three elements to it began and continued to flourish:
  •     Heating material (matchsticks, cigarette butts, spark …)
  •     Fuels (gas, oil, wood, paper …)
  •     Oxygen (oxygen)
  •     Excluding the three factors, we break is (triangle of fire). Example:
  •     Remove heat emissive: off cigarettes, lighters or matches are not turned on, Cup circuit breaker…
  •     Eliminate sources of fuel: get rid of wood, hay, paper, petroleum … out of the way the advance of the fire.
  •     Removing oxygen: closing the door on fire, put out the fire by fire resistant material objects…

Move In the Fire

  •    Go stooping nestled against the wall (or cow as close as possible to the floor) for avoiding the heat and smoke.
  •    Above observation, fire precautions are falling objects.
  •    Observe the rear view road also comes out or not.

Catching Fire Victims Clothes

  • Prevent panicky victim runs out because any movement or a breeze as always makes the fire stronger.
  • Quickly put the victim lie down, and rotate the site of the fire on top and put out the fire with water or using tools unburned.
  • Let beam victims with jacket or blanket, cushion, carpet, or a thick cloth and then wrap their grandchildren again (these are made of plastic or not vulnerable to fire cellulose and burning when involved in a fire)
  • Then put the victim lie down. Such as fire will be overwhelmed because of lack of oxygen and off

    Note: if you are wearing clothes caught fire, but no one helps, extinguish you by wrapping her tightly in a suitable material and lying on the ground.


Fire in the woods with a strong smoke

  • Any fire in a confined space will create a dangerous atmosphere for reducing the amount of oxygen, carbon dioxide, and other toxic gasses increases. Please emphasized several burns were still active coal you can be but if to inhale the fumes, it can cause you to hell down.
  • When I saw the smoke, people fall into a panic. It is almost difficult conditions tame. Once appear it will spread quickly.  At that time, breathe the air intake is on the bottom, close to the floor. Remember Beef or crawled slowly out. Who does not know this will be difficult to escape out.

Please keep eyes and lungs long as possible as long as that. When you run out to escape, go along the wall because it is easy to get lost or disoriented in the range from dark, not to mention if you go between the corridors, the line uproar will shove you soon. When he got to escape, and about to step down (to remember that you go down rather than beef), then remember grabbed the handrail. Do not take this lightly. Field operators who will push you down and most likely you will be trampled and sanity.

Fire Prevention

  • Do not smoke, lighters or mobile phone in places near the petrol, petrol station parking.
  • When the oil in the lamp lit, cooking oven … make sure that the fire is off.
  • When lit alcohol on the stove, you must also be sure that the fire is turned off (because the fire very difficult to see during the day)
  • When a dark area you smell gas or gasoline, do not turn to screen matches.
  • If using charcoal to cook, when cooked right off completely for all the smoke.
  • Electrical fire causes a high. Check regularly the wires; replace the old wiring, peeling casings, electrical equipment is aging. Tape the joints…
  • If you use a generator, it should be away from home and not near where the machine oil.
  • Clean dirt and flammable objects around the house.
  • Before away, switch off the circuit breaker, turn off the oil lamp, stove, oven, gas stove lock
  • No oil lamps in the husband.
  • Do not smoke in bed.
  • When cooking with wood, not to leave the kitchen.
  • Do not let gasoline, alcohol, flammable substances … near the cooking.

 When a fire for cooking or campfire, must comply with the following:

  • Group cooks fire in that little wind, away from a dry tree stump, tree oil.
  • Do not light a fire under the tree remains because the leaves can ignite or withered by the heat of the flames coming up.
  • Clean twigs, dry leaves … around the area or campfire cooking to prevent fire spread.
  • Do not place flammable objects, the train conductor near the fire.
  • Cutting people live in so the fire.
  • Prepare fire prevention materials: water, sand, fresh branches bunch of broom…


  • Extinguish the fire or campfire site (if far to reuse or before leaving the camp) by pouring water on the fire
  • Use a tree to ashes and then flush again, so can embers smoldering in the ashes
  • To make sure the fire has ceased (after flushing), use your hands to check. If the fire has completely cooled before being used shovels to remove or fill in contact again.

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