rock climbing rules and skills

The Rock Climbing, The Adventure Sport for Everyone

The rock is climbing path shorter, harder, and higher technical demands and also the conditions for performing exercises beautiful.

Bouldering is a style of climbing that does not support free safety equipment comes to aid climbing, use the only cushion placed on the ground, climbing shoes and chalk powder rubs hands. Often climbing rocks in the lower elevations (3-4m). Is seen as an art of rock climbing.

The history of this subject at first only be considered as an exercise for the purpose of long-distance hiking busy when there is no time for the long climb but still want to get regular exercise right in the area you are in, but then became a kind of climbing. Because of the short lines at low altitude climbing, climbers can use special moves difficult or perform spectacular movements that while climbing long distance can not be applied.

The process of climbing you have to determine the rock climbing to pass on a higher ledge. Rock climbing lines are not required to go straight, but occasionally also passed rocks and usually does not exceed 4 meters altitude, allowing people to climb without rope still be safe.

This course is more and more people love because it is based on the nature of climbing cliffs, the flexibility of the muscles flexible. The rock is climbing path shorter, harder, and higher technical demands and also the conditions for performing exercises beautiful.

rock climbing

These Dangers While Go Rock Climbing

  • One of the other reasons it was the weather. In many places, frequent rains and landslides occurred at many points. This is not favorable conditions for hiking as well as seeking to have accidents.
  • And of course, can not fail to mention the dangers of the mountain forest areas have hot and humid tropical climate.
  • Tropical forests are always a challenge to any who love the adventure to discover what subjects.
  • Just a subjective matter how small can lead to unpredictable consequences. Since the risk of landslides, humid, poisonous snakes, wild animals to fall into the pit areas, caves, hidden in the bushes, low-canopied …

Rules And Climbing Skills

When uphill, you have to use very much, so it’s easy to get tired, so you need to note the following:

  • Choose a good pair of shoes, both feet, with high grip, will help you effectively when climbing.
  • Keep the air conditioner breath, rapid breathing or panting if means you went too hard, take a break about 5-10 minutes.
  • If slopes ask back, with a cane, but you keep going up slowly. Every time you set foot on a stone, so tentative grip as well as the texture of it.
  • If standing is a little steep for you to go up along the slopes of the Z-shaped, plus the support of two-handed grip on the scale rocks, twigs, rocks, tree trunks …

Unlike when climbing and down mountains but little more tired, but no less dangerous, moreover, now your legs were tired after the long climb through steep stretches. Once down the mountain, you need to be careful, not to go too fast (though the weight of the body and push the luggage as you run forward), because you are prone to tripping, his body rolled down below.

When downhill, bend your knees and rigor, keeping the backpack stable, and balanced on the backs of you, focus on the front of the backpack is the stand, take both feet on the ground. If straight people, the focus will be on the rear backpack base, prone to slip and fall.

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