The Passion of Youth for Baseball

The Passion of Youth for Baseball

Sunday, 5 am, with four youngsters, including two young local people where is Diego and Mario Many, 2 Japanese and Nanaho Kishino Yoshifumi Nishimura, with several appointments Bus arrived in camp. Uniforms they wore and dark green, the back that read: “We play baseball,” below is the inscription in English: “We play baseball with my heart.” In carrying bags and they are baseball training tools. At the School level 2, there are over ten students are anxiously waiting for them to start rehearsals.

Love Baseball Does Not Turn Off

ORIGINAL. Baseball.

  • Silent work of 4 young people that has lasted nearly two years. They are people who love baseball (baseball) and want to take this sport to the youth many places. This is a sport almost is too new for many countries. The country does not have a pro team.
  • Two young people many places, Diego and Mario, the same 27 years, to baseball in 1999. It was a fortuitous occasion, the two of you to the sport and is considered Star Baseball team, led by Mr. Fuchikawa a Japanese business establishment – the game. So, this new baseball book draws Mario and Diego.
  • In 2002, Fuchikawa loss had no sponsors, and members should mount Saigon Baseball team disbanded. But for Diego and Mario, love baseball does not turn off.
  • Two young people have come to many schools to teach baseball free for students and eventually those in the leadership of the school has created all conditions for them. Currently, Mario is a technician of a company in the real estate business, while Diego side of the family business. Though daily busy work, you two still reserved for the children Sunday morning.

Sentiment Common Interests Of Baseball

Congressional Baseball Game

  • The third member is Nanaho Kishino, 23, the Japanese, the beginning of 2004 to many places to find material for the subject of his thesis.
  • At that time, Nanaho, a student of many places to study at the University of Foreign Languages Kanda (Chiba, Japan). Thesis topic titled “Preschool many places,” he was protected and graded excellent in May 5-2005.
  • Nanaho Mario and Diego met at a baseball training session for the Japanese student studying in a secondary school. Just met but congenial, three you would most like transmission passion for his baseball future generations.
  • Currently, Nanaho Japan has about taught, but every two months he spent a couple of days to many places to practice baseball for level 2 students
  • The fourth member Yoshifumi Nishimura, 32, owner of the cafĂ© where Asuka until the end of 2004. Through Many Nanaho, he knew about the work of Mario and Diego should affection and enter the same club playing this sport.

More Progress Every Day

Hilton Cadet Youth Travel Baseball

To prefer baseball, athletes must have a helmet, gloves, Baseball, Soccer … These tools are not easy to find in many places. This group of young people to collect and gather again for his pupil. Nishimura also voluntarily equipped with uniforms for the team. However, the most difficult stage is to practice.

Mario and Diego recalled, the two of you showed them the first polishing action. The child rolled his eyes in surprise by long they’ve known about baseball through collective Doraemon comics, but are witnessing is the first voila.

“Not high hands, only this one is low” – said in a voice quite standard dialect, portable patient Nanaho a boy had just joined the team guides each action. “Most of them have good technique, and is getting better every day, if invested; I believe they will go further!” – Nanako said.

It’s Hard To Find Young People So Passionate

Sports Leagues Youth Baseball

In mid-July last, Keiichi Kaneko, correspondent of The Asahi Shimbun newspaper – a leading newspaper in Japan – to this city to write about this group. Keiichi said he was surprised to hear there is a collective team play baseball and he decided to come here.

At the school football field, is if they exercise, Keiichi enjoy not only technical but also due to play their passion for this sport. Before coming here, Keiichi known baseball in this country was in the early steps, very difficult to find out what young people as a charm.

“I admire your zeal before volunteers. This is not just a social activity is significant, than that it also contributes to further tighten the relationship between the two countries “- Keiichi said.

Recommended Tips while play the baseball in summer

The body workouts per person also need a limited extent because of each different condition. If you exercise too hard, exercise will lose value.

People with chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes should choose just sports effort and time limited exercise 30-45 minutes a day.

  • Check health periodically, suffering and disease control always consult your doctor.
  • Rehydration: During exercises your body of calories burned, producing more sweat. Therefore you need to offset the shortage of water in the body.
  • 30 minutes before exercise, drink enough to 0.5 to 1 liter or supplements while training. Next to the body of water sequentially at exercise will help relieve pressure on the heart. Do not use alcohol as wine; beer carbonated substances.
  • Use costumes appropriate to each goal. You also need to pay attention to colors, designs, and materials. These hot summer days should choose costumes practicing bright colors of cotton will give you more airy feel. The dark, glossy (like copper) will absorb the heat because the sun can penetrate through the fabric harming your skin.

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