Introduction TO Scuba Diving In Chicago

Scuba diving is one of the most popular outdoor activities at the sea in America. There are many places which are ideal for scuba diving thanks to the beautiful sceneries under the sea and the ideal temperature.

However, Chicago is not such a place, especially in the April. I remember once I went scuba diving in California in April. This time of the year in this area, the weather is still really cool. Although you are equipped with a wetsuit as thick as the 7mm thickness, the coolness can be a really big problem.

Luckily you are still able to enjoy the cleat water and of course, there are a lot of good views for you to see from.

If you don’t know much about scuba diving, let’s learn about the benefits of this activity to your health first:

TO Scuba Diving In Chicago

  • Scuba diving is really good for your health. First of all, you will need a lot of swimming when you go scuba diving. And swimming is one of the best aerobic workouts you can ever have which support the development of the cardiovascular system and all of your body’s muscles.

In addition, you can learn to be more flexible and use the water effectively. Your blood pressure is reduce significantly and the blood circulation will enhance.

  • You have chances to meet other people. When you go scuba diving, you can meet other people who share the same interest with you. It is also a good opportunity to bond with your current friends or your family member. This kind of activity will provide you all a good experience that you will never forget.
  • You can see many beautiful views. The views that you can see underneath water are the one that like no other places in the surface. For example, you have a chance to experience many shipwrecks which were buried under the water for hundreds of years. Moreover, you can enjoy the aquarium habitats which are different at different levels of water.

Although Chicago and the areas nearby don’t offer a lot of varied opportunities to go scuba diving, you are still able to have a lot of places to go and have fun such as various local lakes and quarries.

Here are a few examples of the places where you can go for scuba diving in Chicago:

  • Higgins Lake in Michigan
  • Table Rock in Missouri
  • White Star Quarry in Ohio
  • Lake Michigan: This is the most famous place for you to go scuba diving and even if you have never taken part in this activity before, you still might have heard of this place. You are able see a lot of history buried under the deep lake.

I strongly recommend you go for many shipwreck sites under this lake. Thanks to the fresh water, these metal parts of these ships and their overall conditions can still be at the best view for us.

No matter where you are going for scuba diving, you are assured to know that most of the places for scuba diving in Chicago have great maintenance and are kept at the best condition for this activity.

Finally, you can read on to learn more about scuba diving and what you should remember when you go for this activity:

  • Do not try to go too deep. You should only go down at the level that you feel comfortable with. Also the depth of the water that you should dive also depends on your skills as well. For example, if you are the beginning scuba diver, you should not go down much and 60 feet is your limit.
  • Prepare proper equipment. Make sure you buy the best gears and equipment is of highest quality. In addition, you need to check and maintain these pieces of equipment which are always in a good condition.
  • Also it is vital to stay calm in all kinds of situations. Notice when you are feeling tired and cannot take it. When you see yourself breathing quickly and shallow, it is time to relax and try to take a deep breath.
  • You should drink water regularly before the day you go scuba diving. You should drink at least 2 liters of water and no alcoholic drinks.
  • Finally, before you finally go scuba diving for the first time, you should take at least a proper course about scuba diving, which then can instruct you about how to scuba dive safe and fun.

Overall, scuba diving in Chicago and the cities nearby is a great fun and exciting activity for all of the scuba divers although there might be some difficulties about the temperature. If you are looking for a new place to go for this exciting activity, choosing Chicago is one of your best options.

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