Kneepad Magnetic Therapy Knee Support

How Does A Magnetic Knee Brace Help You?

What is magnetic therapy?

Up until now, people have been using magnets for a variety of health problems for centuries. However, magnetic therapy has only been picked up for the past few decades, read some info here. Nowadays, people have invented more and more magnetic devices to help relieve pain. For instance, to relieve knee pain, you can purchase a magnetic knee support; to relieve pain in your ankle and foot, you can purchase a magnetic shoe insert or to relieve arm and wrist pain, you can purchase a magnetic bracelet…

Magnetic therapy is used to relieve discomfort / pain, reduce swelling in your pain area. The idea is that, the magnets in the will attract the iron in your blood cells resulting in stimulating blood circulation by moving the blood around. There isn’t enough evidence to confirm the theory, people have been conducting for years and the results sound promising, but they aren’t conclusive.

Magnetic Knee Support

Despite the fact that people have been debating, millions of people still give them the doubt of the benefits. The magnetic knee support industry has been thriving more and more over the years.  So maybe it does offer pain relief to at least some people. And if you’re interested in getting one, in this article, we will give you some heads up on magnetic therapy, what kinds of magnetic knee supports there are and how they’ll help reduce your pain.

Kinds of magnetic knee support

Magnetic knee support comes in different kinds. In order to choose the right type of magnetic knee support, you need to have a sound understanding of a determining factor that is magnet strength.

Gauss rating – When looking for a magnetic knee support, the Gauss rating will be listed on the technical details. The rating shows the amount of Gauss that magnetic knee support will produce. The ratings range from 200 – 20,000+. Higher ratings allow the magnetic knee support to go deeper. What you need to be aware of, is that, going deeper isn’t always a good idea. Selecting the proper magnet strength is the key.

1. Magnetic knee brace

Magnetic Knee BraceWith the Gauss rating is in 10,000 to 30,000; they are specially designed to ease moderate to severe knee discomfort caused by knee related injuries including post-surgical recovery, knee sprains, and arthritis…

One of the most popular magnetic knee braces is the Therion Platinum magnetic knee support. The magnetic knee brace is designed with fourteen 4,300 Gauss ceramic and 13,800 Gauss neodymium magnets. These magnets will be located:

  • Behind your knee cap
  • Along the side of your knee cap
  • Below your knee cap

The combination of magnetic coverage will help relieve and heal the pain faster. Two other great features of the magnetic knee brace are offering greater support for your knee instability and the ability to adjust compression. They are the reason why so many people love this knee brace.

2. Magnetic knee sleeve

For those who are suffering from mild to moderate pain that is caused by work, sports, arthritis, and tendonitis related injuries. The Gauss ratings in this kind of magnetic sleeves are higher, ranging from 5,000 to 15,000. Magnetic knee sleeves are pretty versatile, you can use them to:

  • Maintain a physical lifestyle
  • Reduce swelling and relieve pain

One of the more popular magnetic knee sleeve choices these days is the Therion Balance Knee Sleeve. The magnetic knee sleeve is designed with 10 large ceramic magnets; each one is of 4,300 Gauss. Since your entire knee is surrounded by all these 10 magnets, the swelling and pain will be reduced effectively. This is also the reason why so many people love it. One of the reasons why users love this magnetic knee sleeve is that, it’s comfortable to wear for an extended period of time thanks to the breathable Acticel fabric.

3. Magnetic knee

These guards are designed to help ease minor knee discomfort. They are Magnetic Patella Tendon Knee Support Strapalso inexpensive and safe. The Gauss rating is in between 1,000 to 6,000. The magnetic knee guard will absorb some of the force at your knee when you move around by applying concentrated warmth and compression across your patellar tendon and joint liner.

One of the most popular magnetic knee guards is the Pro Band Sports KneedIT XM. It provides relieves minor knee pain which is associated with Chondromalacia, Tendonitis, and Arthritis. The magnetic knee guard is designed with 2 magnets, 1 on either side of your patella. For each magnet, the exterior Gauss is approx. 650, and the interior Gauss is 3,950.

Final thought

Before buying any kind of magnetic knee support, make sure that you’re aware of the warnings. For instance, heart defibrillators and heart pacemakers might impair the functioning of magnetic knee supports. Always make sure it’s the right one for you, consult with your doctor.

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