Bow hunting and Archery – The History of the Bow

Bow Hunting and Archery – The History of the Bow

History of archery

instinctive shooting instinctive archeryArcher is a sport available for a long time ago, in about 2800 BC. The very first bow and arrow form into a “C” shaped and made by Egyptians built. It made from wood and animal’s horn protection on the top. The arrows design in very lightweight which can shoot 500m far away. The Egyptians archers are training methodical and easily defeat enemies with their intelligence.

Archery was made by pine trees and cover with handle and body approximate 15-20cm long. It did not have a name since it born. However, it then being replaced by another similarity weapon called dart which is the oldest form of weapon and being founded in swap Holmegaard in Denmark.

They then switch to bow instead of dart because of the effectiveness and easy to use. Bow or archery was bring listed in war weapon on all over the world, except Australia continent.

Look back to the golden age of the Roma Empire, they have taken military superiority that they should thank the skilled archers. With the development of firearms or guns makes the bow and archery gradually being forgotten and unused in the war.

In Europe, the bow and arrow were no longer used as a military weapon which then being replaced by firearms in the 16th century. However, people in Central Africa and South America still use bows in the war until now, it’s being use popularly for hunting and target in the war between tribes.

Although the advance technology has been developing highly, certain countries such as the UK, South Kora, China, Turkey, India, Japan, Egyptians, and so on when all changed to the culture of using guns (at the time it came out), they often take off the use of the bow. The original stub guns usually have a weaker aspect of speed, plus, it could not be used in the damp or wet condition.

Bowhunting and Archery

But anyway, the firearms can lead to more serious injuries and dominant advantages over than bow as it can fire behind the obstacle. Further, the person who used guns does not necessary to have muscle, skills, certain techniques, training and/or well-prepared.

  • Guns can make a piece through armor as it is an additional advantage. the army used gun might have highly advantage when it is the great number of soldiers, and now the professional archers are very rare in the battle.
  • In the UK, archery sport available from the 16th and 17th century which has been considered the sport for Royal family and the public. The oldest archery tournament was retained as Scorton Silver Arrow; it was established in 1673 in Yorkshire.
  • In 1790, the Royal Toxophilite Association was formed in order to develop this sport. The Prince of Wales, later King George IV is the main sponsor for this organization.
  • The usual standard distance for archery is set to 91m, 73m, and 55m. This distance is still being used in archery Championship South of England’s York Round (20, 40, and 60 shot arrows shot distance corresponding to three located on).

Some kinds of archery:

There is some kinds of archery:

  • Short archery: available in ancient times when it appeared in a valley of Ahrensburg, Hamburg, Germany at 1 thousand years ago. The distance of short bow only reaches 30 meters.
  • The medium bow: the short one would convenience for people to hunt but short distance somehow leads the hunter to danger. When the Neolithic period end, the war between clans happen frequently lead to weapons improved constantly. The longer bow and bowstring deliver powerful drag and farther the distance.
  • The composite bow: this made from mixed of several materials and different techniques to make out different kinds of shoots. Composite bow longer than the short bow but haven’t reached the size of the long bow. The length is from 48 cm to 138 cm.
  • The long bow (also referred as a big bow or war bow): available in middle ages, it can bring an arrow reaches 90 meters (straight shot). The UK bow makes out lob shells distance over 200 yards or even up to 400 yards with lightweight arrows.

Although it is used for hunting, a tool of the military weapon, sport or practicing, the bow also has a significant impact in the world. The archers still have wide influence and use as it is as step forward in the 21st century. The traditional customs are still using the bow as a kind of sport and hunting in some areas.

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