5 Beautiful places in Vietnam

Asia is full of beautiful places to visit and you can find many of them in different parts of Vietnam. Many tourists come to Vietnam to travel and witness the beauty of the various tourist spots. Why do they choose Vietnam? Aside from the fact that this country have popular and famous spots around the world. Reaching the tourist attractions are cheaper and more affordable. That is not a doubt because you can always find the airports full of passengers coming in and out if Vietnam. People come to Vietnam because of the beautiful tourist attractions such as mountains, beaches, islands, buildings and colorful history.

5 beautiful places Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh city

One of the most visited places in the southern part of Vietnam is the Ho Chi Minh City because of its beauty, especially at night. Here, you will find great buildings where you can witness the beautiful architectural designs brought by French colonization, such as the famous Central Post Office and Cathedral of Notre Dame. Aside from that, what makes Ho Chi Minh City more beautiful is its richness in history. The city was left as a meaningful historical place during the Vietnam Wars. You may also find here the most visited Jade Emperor Pagoda and the Mekong Delta to experience shopping on the floating markets.

Phu Quoc

Another place that you will find beautiful and a must visit place is the Phu Quoc Island because it is rich in natural beauty of the islands and beaches that you will find as a perfect spot for diving. You will surely find more of its precious hidden beauty under the sea. You will also find here different species of animals because it has preserved forests and a National Park that every family will surely enjoy. Who ever come to the Phu Quoc Islands will have a relaxing visit because of the fresh environment that the place is proud of.

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Hue city

When it comes to historical places, one of the most beautiful places to explore is the Hue Citadel that is found in Hue City. It was also recognized by the UNESCO as one of the World’s Heritage Site in 1993. The Hue City is famous for its landscape and in the Hue Citadel, what made it more exceptional are its ramparts located on the banks of the Perfume River. You will find here the Capital Citadel, the Royal Citadel and the Forbidden Citadel.

Halong Bay

A beautiful tourist attraction that every tourist must also visit in Vietnam is the Ha Long Bay, which has unique islands, rock formations and caves. The exceptional spots such as the Cave of Surprises or the Sung Sot Grotto, the Kissing Rocks, the Heavenly Cave or the Thien Cung Grotto, the Bai Tho Mountain, the Hoang Tan Island and the Cat Hai Island are surely winner spots to every tourist. The Ha Long Bay is not just any spot because it was recognized by the UNESCO as one of the World’s Natural Heritage area that is simply geologically amazing. This place is not just famous in Vietnam but also around the world.

Hoi An

Hoi AnAnother beauty is the Ancient Town of Hoi An, which was also recognized by the UNESCO in 1999. This old town is rich in different wood house traditional designs, where you can find them lighted with colorful lanterns during the night. You will also find here a lot of souvenir items made of handicrafts, paintings, antique pieces and items made of silk materials. You will surely experience a Vietnamese culture and meet people who are blessed with hospitality.

With those beautiful places that Vietnam is proud of, many tourists will surely feel glad and excited to visit. These places are not simply holding beauty, but also rich in history and stories that people are saving and keeping, so that they can preserve and pass this to the next generations. Vietnam has been already famous because of this beautiful place and will continue to grow and establish for the local and foreign visitors.

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